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Website Functionality Questions

How do I register for an account?
You can register for our direct mail services at
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Is there any cost to register for an account?
There is no cost to register for an account.
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Do I need additional software to view images?
JPEG, TIF and GIF files are viewable without any additional software. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available free from Adobe.
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Can I review my direct mail campaign project at a later time?
Yes. Your work will be saved in the My Workspace project list. Any project you create under your login will be stored for future reference.
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Can I use this application with a Mac?
Yes. This website is best experienced with the following browsers: IE 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.6/4, Apple Safari 4/5, and Google Chrome 5/6. Not using a supported browser may prevent the use of the "Get New Customers" section found under Mailing Lists. To maximise the site experience, please update your current browser to one of the above options.
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Direct Mail Questions

In what ways can I cultivate stronger customer relationships?
Direct mail marketing enables you to create repeat business and build strong customer relationships. Unlike mass media, direct mail allows you to customise and personalise your marketing materials. So your customers feel like your direct mail was truly created for them.

With direct mail services, all it takes is a few minutes of your time to customise and send a direct mail piece. And because you already have a customer list, you can simply upload it when prompted, or select it from your saved lists.

Your first step, however, is to choose from hundreds of marketing templates the one design that best reflects your business. Next, customise your direct mail campaign based on your specific messaging. For example, you can use direct mail to:

  1. Invite customers to an exclusive event
  2. Publicise special prices or promotions
  3. Tell them about your rewards for purchases
  4. Promote new products and services
  5. Announce an upcoming sale
  6. Ask them to tell a friend about your business and receive a special gift
Your next step is to make your mailing even more effective by setting up a personalised Customer Feedback page. This gives customers a chance to tell you more about themselves and what they're interested in, so you can close the deal. ou just ask the questions, and our direct mail service does the rest.

To increase your response rate, once you've chosen a Customer Feedback page, you can include it in a follow up email. Simply click the 'Create an Email Project' link in My Workspace to get started.

Keep your business top of mind with your customers. First, let them know you're thinking of them. Second, cultivate those relationships. You can do that here, now.
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Why should I use Direct Mail?
Radio, TV, print and advertising are all good advertising choices, but you may want to make Direct Mail a significant part of your marketing plan. With Direct Mail you can target your audience more specifically than you can with mass media like TV or radio. A better idea might be to create synergy in all of your communications, by combining your Direct Mail with TV, radio, the web, etc. This kind of synergy will help reinforce your advertising message and make your communications with customers even stronger.
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What are the advantages of direct mail services?
  • Targetability - You can aim for specific consumers by location, product interest and previous purchases.
  • Reach - You can contact nearly every household in your potential market.
  • Maintenance - You can build a great relationship with your customers — and prospects — with personalized direct mail solutions.
  • Tracking - You can tally responses with coupon redemption and response cards.
  • Precision - You can get highly-detailed product information or samples right into the hands of the people who want it.
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When is the best time to send out Direct Mail?
Planning on creating events and offers based on seasonal sales, holidays or customer behavior? Ideally, you'll want the recipients to have your mail piece in-hand at least one week before your event/sale. Remember too, that it may take several business days for your direct mail campaign to reach your prospects and customers, so plan accordingly.
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How long does it take to create a Direct Mail piece?
With pbSmartMarketer direct mail services, it takes just minutes to create your own Direct Mail piece. After that, the overall production/fulfillment process usually takes about five business days. That means your customers should receive your Direct Mail piece in about 7 to 10 business days.
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What is a Web Response Page or p-URL?
A Web Response Page and p-URL (personalised URL) are one in the same. The purpose of a Web Response Page is to obtain information about your customers and prospects which would be otherwise difficult to get. This kind of web page may also feature an offer to enable you to gain even more information about your customer's preferences and habits.

The pbSmartMarketer direct mail service will email response information from p-URL pages to you, but it can also be viewed in the reporting section of My Workspace on the site.
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Can I use pbSmartMarketer in United States?
Yes, you can visit our U.S. direct mail marketing website for more details.
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